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Downtown Charlotte

Pasta & Provisions

Eat Pasta. Run Fasta. Visit Pasta & provisions in Myers Park, minutes from SouthPark for speciality wines, gift baskets, italian foods and much more!

Pasta & Provisions
1528 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28207
Today's Hours: 9:00AM - 8:00PM
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Customer Comments & Ratings

94% Urban Spoon Rating

Mobile review

Diner Review • Jun 15, 2013

My favorite place in town!

Mobile review

Diner Review • Jan 23, 2012

Likes it

You have to try their fresh pasta and sauce. It's perfect for a quick dinner! The pasta takes a minute or so to cook and there are so many choices! Also, it's quite affordable. A pound of pasta and a sauce will last two of us for two nights. It's also really fun to go pick out the different flavors and styles of pasta and mix and match the sauce for a date night in.

4.7 out of 5 Stars on Google

A Google User, 5 Stars

a year ago

I do not usually fill out reviews, but Pasta Provisions is exceptional. We are fortunate to have them in town. The sauces are amazing and the pasta is solid. On more than one occasion my wife and I have had guests over and served their lasagnas, always with great reception. That staff is always helpful and nice. Prices are quite reasonable as well.

A Google User, 5 Stars

2 years ago

BEST PASTA IN CHARLOTTE!!! This place is awesome! Everything here is extremely high quality and well priced. The have good wine, homemade pasta and breads, fresh cheeses and sauces! The sales associates are very friendly and helpful. This place is one of my favorites!!!

4.5 Stars out of 5 on Yelp

5 Stars 11/11/2013

Ok, I saw some yelp reviews but that didn't get me there.
It was a slow Sunday and I decided I was gonna go to the best cheese shop I could find and have a great cheese plate and great bottle of red wine for supper.
The highest rated cheese shops weren't open. I went to several spots that didn't work out. I was close enough to P&P that I drove there to check things out after reading some damn good reviews.  Well once in there I decided to try something? My significant other was out of town so I was eating by myself.
I ended up not missing the cheese shops.
I bought fresh pasta and pomodoro sauce and meatballs to check things out.
Keeping in mind that my SO is the best Italian chef I know. I tried the food Sunday and invited her over on Monday. She pronounced it as absolutely phenomenal just like I did. We are thinking that driving to  Charlotte from Mooresville for this quality of food is well worth the trip. Mario Battalli would pay these people to cook for him!!!
Don't worry about driving from anywhere to get their food, it is worth it.
I had a Pinot Noir instead of a Chianti with it and it was perfect.
Meiomi was the Pinot.

5 Stars, 9/4/2013

Can't beat fresh pasta and sauce.  I only entered their store/grocery on the left side,but my experience was great. We got some fresh take home and cook yourself  pasta and sauce. All of which was amazingly tasty.

They have lots of different premade Italian food that your can purchase and take home with you.    

Breads, cheeses, and meats all looked like a quality selection. I'll be back to try more of their selection.

5 Stars, 8/25/2013

This is a dangerous place.  I could eat so much of the food.  

I had a mission though.  Use a coupon for buy sauce, get a pound of free fresh pasta.  Picking out the flavor of pasta was a tough choice, but the little lightning bolts denoting a favorite flavor made it a bit easier.  The final choice was garlic & rosemary linguini.  I made a quick decision on the sauce and went with the pomodoro to try something different then my normal marinara.  

I couldn't resist a baguette.  The pasta, sauce and bread totaled to around $8 - a great price for an amazing dinner.

The pasta was just as delicious as I was expecting, the sauce was fun with a little kick and the bread was gone quickly.  

Glad I decided to expand my bubble and check out Pasta & Provisions.  I definitely will be returning.

5 Stars 8/16/2013

I feel like we've barely scratched the surface at Pasta & Provisions, and can't wait to try more! Everything we've had from Pasta & Provisions has been perfect. The first time we went on a Friday to take advantage of the current meal deal where if you bring your own container you receive pomodoro or marinara sauce at a discounted per oz. price PLUS a free pound of pasta. We picked spaghetti and pomodoro sauce on this particular night. We couldn't resist picking up a few mini cannoli which were piped fresh right in front of us. The pasta was enough for 4 servings, and we got 32 oz of sauce, so that went a long way too. I think we ended up paying about $16 for the sauce, 6 frozen meatballs, 4 mini cannoli, and the pound of pasta. NOT BAD especially considering it was 4 servings! And, the speed at which the dinner came together once we were home made it even better.

The next time we visited we picked up frozen tortellini and the frozen pizza meal deal, which included a bag of salad and cannoli. We chose the Italian Cold Cut pizza, which was great. It's also worth mentioning that I'm not typically crazy about tortellini, but theirs was delicious.

We also typically park in the back, and more times than not get tired of waiting for a chance to turn left and just go right instead. It's all worth it though!