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Landscape Lighting Resources

Landscape Lighting Resources offers Professional Grade LED Landscape Lighting throughout the Charlotte, NC aea

Landscape Lighting Resources
5700 Harrisburg Industrial Park Drive
Harrisburg, NC 28075
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Why Landscape Lighting

We manufacture, distribute & retail a complete line of quality products. We are the source!

Whether it’s a Hollywood box office hit or an award-winning advertisement – it’s all about lighting. Light and dark – the two ever-entwined – can give you a magical effect when you learn how to use them. If you’re wondering why you should add landscape lighting to your home and how you should add it, click on the links below:

Quality Products

Landscape Lighting Resources manufactures all of our own bulbs and fixtures using only the highest quality materials. Our bulbs are built with CREE components that are developed in Raleigh N.C. Through product testing we have perfected our bulb color, and all of our bulbs are created to operate at 2800 Kelvin. This temperature creates a warm natural white glow that is neither stark white nor blue. Our fixtures are constructed from durable materials such as aluminum, brass or stainless steel. Constructing our bulbs and fixtures with the highest quality components ensures product longevity and exceptional performance.

Affordable Prices

Manufacturing our own products has allowed us to eliminate outside distributors. Distributors set the price of products and often extract large profits through mark ups. We are able to provide these high quality products at affordable costs because we are the manufacturer and do not purchase products from distributors. As we are the manufacturer, and believe in our products, we are able to provide and honor excellent product warranties.

Exceptional Customer Care

From start to finish and years after, we at Landscape Lighting Resources strive to provide exceptional customer care. We have a 3 part model for all installations: 1. Complimentary lighting design and estimate 2. Installation within one week of estimate 3. Complimentary follow up night time lighting adjustment to ensure proper placement of lights and customer satisfaction.

We take care of our customers long after the initial installation by providing warranties that mean something. We provide a 1 year labor warranty on all lighting systems as well as 3 year warranties on bulbs and 10 year warranties on fixtures & transformers. The terms of our warranties are clear with no hidden exclusions and we are happy to honor them should the need arise. On the rare occasion that we need to replace a bulb or fixture, one of our installers will replace the product on site in timely manner.

Our customers have peace of mind and know that if any issue or need arises, all they have to do is call or email a member of the LLR team. Landscape Lighting Resources’ customers are respected and valued. We show our appreciation by providing services and products that exceed expectations. We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers’ experience with Landscape Lighting Resources is truly exceptional.

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