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GW Looby Construction and Landscaping

Servicing the greater Charlotte area, GW Looby Landscaping specializes on all your yard work needs including mowing, edging, shrubbery maintenance, grass seeding, irrigation and drainage.

GW Looby Construction and Landscaping
PO Box 520
Newell, NC 28126
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About Us

If you are a homeowner wanting to improve the look of your yard, we’ve got an exciting new solution.

Gary Looby and the crew offer three different packages for your convenience. Gary has experience in all levels of landscaping and yard service and has rolled out various packages to accommodate your specific needs.

One- Full consultation and development. The Looby team will talk with you about shrubbery, trees, grass, layout and the ongoing upkeep of your plan.

Two- Gary will talk with you about general maintenance of your existing yard setup. Replace diseased or misplaced shrubbery and trees, and maintain the yard.

Three- Looby will mow the grass, trim the shrubbery and keep the edging defined.

All of these services are priced affordably for today’s homeowner.

According to Gary, his maintenance plans are proven to be a good fit depending on greater or lesser goals of each client. Some satisfied customers change plans to go with the season or needs at the time.

Looby has been helping homeowners keep up the look of their yards for years and offers expert advise on thinks like mulch, local plants and grasses, irrigation, drainage, and replacement plants.

Do any of these apply to your yard?

Grass thinning Shrubbery disease Trees too large or needing disease control Flowering plants irrigation challenges Grass growing out of control

If any of the these things are a concern you are not alone.

“We have the experience and tools to do the job, large or small.”

Quick Facts

Consumers in the US spend an estimated 40 billion dollars a year to maintain and improve their lawns. 80% of private homes also have a private lawn.

A healthy and vigorous landscape traps pollution, prevents runoff, improves the air we breathe and can significantly increase property values.

For a private consultation about your landscaping and monthly lawn care needs, call today. GW Looby Landscaping, Inc. 704-201-7563.

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