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Downtown Charlotte

Switchin' Kitchens

Located near Ballantyne and Blakeney, Switchin' Kitchens provides prepared meals. We are the best independently-owned store for pre-assembled dinners.

Switchin' Kitchens
8025 Ardrey Kell Road
Charlotte, NC 28277
Today's Hours: 9:00AM - 4:00PM
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Guest Comments

What our Customers Are Saying

5 Star Review by Chris P. from Charlotte on Yelp, January, 2013

I am officially obsessed with Switchin Kitchens.  It is an absolute GEM.  I LOVE this place.  I repeat, I LOVE this place.  

We discovered the magic of SK when a friend brought over sweet potato enchiladas (A MUST TRY!) from the SK "Take and Bake" menu.  We were just home from the hospital with our newborn and were enjoying waves of meals from neighbors and friends.  As our darling daughter grew and friends delivering meals slowed to a halt, I knew that I needed to find a solution to feed my family that was easy, healthy, fresh, and REAL food.  (We ate a lot of take-out during my pregnancy and that just wasn't going to be a realistic solution for my new years resolution: Operation Blast the Baby Jelly Belly.

SK offers a HUGE range of fresh entrees, sides, appetizers, and "fun foods."  Nutritional information is available and you can order online and pick up later.  I prefer to have the chefs at SK assemble my meals, but of course, you can book in and go assemble meals yourself!  That way you can alter the meals in any way you'd like (i.e. no mushrooms?  less salt?  More salt?)  There's also a stockpile in their freezers you can go and choose from.  I popped in on Christmas eve and picked up a yummy meatball app to nosh on Christmas day!   Also, meals are affordable, generous portions (for a family of 3 eaters, we do the 1/2 portions and it's more than enough!)

The main entree menu changes monthly, but there are take and bake entrees that are standard every month.  I believe the sides and vegetarian entrees stay the same for the most part as well?  

Favorites so far: Sweet potato enchiladas, Fiesta Bake, Tuscan Chicken, Chicken Cakes, Crock Pot Carnitas, Thai chicken with snow peas, oh....too many to list.  Also, be sure to check out the "fun foods" section.  Awesome for kids.  My 2.5 yo loves cheeseburger pie with pickles!  

Our new process is to order every week or so.  We order online - enough for the week - and pick it up a day or 2 later.  Bring them home, pop them in the freezer, and BAM...a healthy fresh new and exciting meal NIGHTLY!  It's a LIFESAVER for us (I love to cook but don't have the time, and frankly am not very creative in the kitchen unless I put in a huge effort.  Now we're eating healthy delicious real food meals nightly!!!  No more take-out or processed foods for this family!!!!

Have I mentioned I'm obsessed??!


5 Star Review by Holly T. from Charlotte on Yelp October, 2011

Awesome! We had the Texas pesto shrimp at a friend's house from here Friday night. It was so good I went to their store saturday and picked up 3 meals for this week to try. Great idea for dinners!! Oh and the pumpkin cookies were amazing!