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Switchin' Kitchens

Located near Ballantyne and Blakeney, Switchin' Kitchens provides prepared meals. We are the best independently-owned store for pre-assembled dinners.

Switchin' Kitchens
8025 Ardrey Kell Road
Charlotte, NC 28277
Today's Hours: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
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Latest Pandemic Updates

Hello! Here's the latest update from SK central:

1. We will not allow customers into the store for grab-n-go service until further notice. I know that is really hard for many people because that is what they are used to. I need to keep my staff & store as healthy as possible so thank you for understanding!

2. I had to close orders for a spell so we could catch our breath and see where we stood. March Monthly Entrees are no longer available to order BUT we do have inventory available on 11 items. Quantities are limited and it's a first come, first serve basis. My suggestion is to call the store to order over the phone. See below for the available items and their descriptions.

3. You can place orders online again for all categories except Monthly Entrees. If you place an order today, it will only give you time slots for tomorrow. If would like it today, please add a note and we will call you when we have it pulled together. Our system does not allow you to place orders for today but we do have the inventory available.

4. Call us when you arrive and we will bring the order to your car. We suggest either popping the trunk/hatch or putting down your passenger window. **It's VERY helpful if you pay online or add a note that you're paying with cash or check at pick up.

5. As I suspected, getting beef, chicken & pork (what we refer to as proteins) has been a tremendous challenge. It's feast or famine and trying to stay on top of it has been super stressful.

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Switchin' Kitchens

Do you love to eat but hate to cook? Are you intimidated in the kitchen?  Are you tired of eating out or eating fast food? Do you want to get back to the dinner table as a family but don't have time to cook?

What if there was such a thing as a “take-home dinner” store? 

Guess what?  There is and it’s called Switchin' Kitchens.  Come experience Charlotte’s best and ONLY  independently-owned store for pre-assembled dinners in town. 

We offer a convenient way for you to enjoy home cooking every night. The concept is simple:  we prepare your dinner in our kitchen and you enjoy it in yours! We do all of the planning, shopping, chopping, slicing, dicing and even clean up! You simply pick up the entrees in our store and take them home to freeze and enjoy at your convenience; all for an average of $5 per serving.  You can place an order online or just stop by the store & grab dinner to go!  Let us help you with all of your meal preparations!

Every month, we feature 13-14 entrée selections from which to choose and a new menu is offered every month. Every entrée has gone through extensive taste testing and only the highest quality, freshest ingredients are used.  We believe that the fresher the ingredients are going into the freezer, the fresher & more authentic the taste when presented at the table.  We offer low-fat options and can help you customize an entree for a particular diet.  We also offer side dishes, appetizers, desserts, vegetarian & single portion servings. 

Making dinner “happen” has never has been so convenient.  Easy to follow cooking directions are included with every entrée – so simple that even dad or the teenagers can get dinner on the table!  SK meals are a great solution for families in need, to help mom's with the arrival of new babies or as a house warming gift.  Take meals to the beach, mountains or vacation home & stop standing in lines for less-than-desirable, over-priced food.  We can help with dinner parties, weekend get-togethers or last minute guests too.  Don’t wait another day.  Start enjoying dinner with the family AT THE TABLE! 

Switchin Kitchens: Your answer to “What’s for Dinner?"  Conveniently located at The Fountains Shopping Center at the intersection of Ardrey Kell & Tom Short Rds.  For menus & more details, visit us at www.switchinkitchens.com.

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