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Brothers Auto Tech

Welcome to Brothers Auto Tech in Fort Mill. Brothers Auto Tech provides quality repairs at great prices and delivering outstanding service is our highest priority.

Brothers' Auto Tech
1046 Regent Parkway
Ft. Mill, SC 29715
Today's Hours: 7:30AM - 6:00PM - 2 Locations >
Brothers' Auto Tech
1046 Regent Parkway
Fort Mill, SC 29715
< Today's Hours: 7:30AM - 6:00PM - 2 Locations
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Brothers Auto Tech Creed



Brothers’ Auto Tech is a full service automotive maintenance and repair facility.  We offer advisory services, parts and labor for your automobiles maintenance and repair needs based on what we see when you drive in and the manufacturer’s service guidelines.  We are experts in the auto repair business and have years of training and experience.  We provide our best service and parts when you buy from us.  Our technicians are well trained, certified and experienced and know how to “fix stuff”.  This is why we stand behind our work by providing a Labor and Parts warranty – it’s right there on the bottom of your repair order. 

Service Advisory:

·         We believe in quality service at a fair price.

·         We believe in being easy to work with.

·         We believe our Customers won’t find the same quality parts with the same quality service and warranty for less cost.  We offer OEM parts or better quality.  We do this to avoid the expense and hassle of placing inferior parts on Customer vehicles.  Having said that, we understand that even superior fail at times and that is why we offer a warranty that covers both parts and labor.  The pricing of parts includes selection, acquisition, delivery and proper fit for your vehicle.

·         We believe over communicating is better than under communicating.

·         We believe a long term view is in the Customers best interest.

·         We believe in being honest with our Employees, Vendors and Customers.

·         We believe in quoting prices on worst case scenarios but also understand that as we attempt to complete the repair that new issues may come to light that substantially change the cost structure – for better or worse.

·         We believe Auto Service is an art and a science and that there can be a difference of opinion.

Service Technicians:

·         We believe that changing oil isn’t just about changing oil.  Changing oil at regular intervals and having the car administered to by a well trained, experienced and knowledgeable technician every time you have the oil changed is the key to keeping you moving as safely and economically as is possible. 

·         We believe in using the latest tools and diagnostic equipment and only spending as much time as is necessary to diagnose symptoms and correctly complete repairs.

·         We believe that the Customer chooses to work with us fully, on a limited basis or not at all.  That we are here to advise and make recommendations that will serve the Customers best interests.  We will do our best to explain the repair strategy options and costs, including laying out the risks and responsibilities involved in each option.

·         We believe in being environmentally responsible by recycling as much of our waste product, including oil, tires, batteries, and parts as is possible.


·         The parts we recommend are OEM or better and are priced off a wholesale grid, purchased from local, reputable vendors.

·         Some people ask us to accept their parts purchased from vendors or internet providers.  Sometimes the Vendors are the same ones we use.  The reason we won’t accept those parts is that we can’t provide a warranty.  That’s the simple explanation and we can go into detail if need be – it’s a little more complicated.

Our commitment to our Customers is to provide quality service at a fair price, fully guaranteed.  Our hope is that we build a long standing relationship where you would feel comfortable referring your family and friends.  That is the best compliment one can make and is the backbone of our business. 

We’ve published this creed to give the reader an idea of where we are coming from.  Hopefully you agree with us.

Brothers Auto Tech